The Digital Self

I've finally gotten the motivation to create a blog that I've wanted to for some time. The idea behind this is to simply post about tracks that I'm feeling at the moment. Mainly focusing on electronic dance music but there will be the ocassional "other" track. I have a deep love for electronic music, so expect nothing less than what I consider quality minimal techno and electro. Enjoy!

If you are a label or artist and would like your tracks removed please just email me and I'll do so.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

With a little nudge from the peanut gallery I'm back with another post. Today has been a good day with music so far, so I thought it's only right that I share the wealth. That said, one of, if not my favorite electro-pop artists the Junior Boys are back with a follow-up to their killer debut LP Last Exit, with 2006's So This Is Goodbye. I was expecting something as good, if not better than their debut and they did not disappoint. They delivered another solid outting chock full of their signature lush, electro-pop tunes that they've become known and loved for. In addition to a super solid LP, Domino has released (today) a remix 12" featuring Morgan Geist remixing "The Equalizer", along with my favorite and the track below - Alex Smoke's "In The Morning" remix. Mr Smoke delivers a smooth, ultra deep mix perfect for that late night/early morning comedown. This is THE JAM!!! Remember, this dropped today so go grab it if you haven't already. You'll be happy you did. More music to come...

Junior Boys - "In The Morning" (Alex Smoke mix)

Heartbeats & Crosses

A few weeks later and I finally have the time to post. For something that's so easy I sure do suck at it. Anyway, I'm gonna jump right into it with 2 new Jose Gonzalez remixes. First up is a super dope remix by Jori Hulkkonen of Jose Gonzalez's "Crosses". Not sure if/when this will be released but nonetheless it's a bomb and thought I'd share it with all 2 people that read my blog!

Jose Gonzalez "Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen mix)"

Next is a brand new mix of Jose Gonzalez's cover of The Knife's "Heartbeats". Remix duties come courtesy of Rndnmbrs, who I actually have no info on but I know I like what I heard here. It's a cool mix using parts of Jose's version of the song along with Karin's (half of Knife) vocals. In my opinion it really works here. Enjoy!

Jose Gonzalez "Heartbeats (Rndnmbrs mix)"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So this week has been off to a pretty fantastic week and it got a little better yesterday when I received Stephen Beaupre's forthcoming full length Foe Destroyer, out soon on Mutek.Rec. If you're unfamiliar with Mr. Beaupre he is one half of Montreal based duo Crackhaus with partner Deadbeat. In addition to his brilliant work as Crackhaus he produces some super cool stuff on his own. I had the absolute pleasure to play alongside Crackhaus, Stephen and others at a loft party in Montreal this past NYE and was floored when he broke out material from this upcoming release. This track "El Gato" in particular(linky below)really stood out and absolutely destroyed the floor when he went into it. As a whole the album is a fantastic ride through weird downtempo and more upbeat, dancefloor friendly techno/house. Check it out for yourself and grab a copy when it drops sometime next month.

One more note: if you notice the time on the photo is in fact 9:19AM. The party went for nearly 20 hours. Those Canadians party like it's nobody's business!

Stephen Beaupre "El Gato"

Before I go I want to say thanks to Patrick aka The Captain for the kind words on his rad Dirty Down blog. Dude throws a couple of wicked parties here in NYC so if you're in the hood I highly suggest checking them out if oyu haven't already. As soon as I figure out this damn link section I'll get his link up there.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome to the machine!

So it's a week or so later and I finally have the time to unleash some more of my pent up genius into this wornderful world (j/k). Truth be told I was on a week long bender that included no sleep, tons of "margaritas to-go", some shitty world cup action and more margaritas to-go. In between the mess currently known as my life I managed to come across a fantastic net label that I was unaware even existed - Year Of The Machine. Sorry if this is old news to you but hey, better late than never. Their sound ranges from dark, cinematic techno to harder, crunchy stuff. Two artists in particular that are really pushing the envelope lately are Tractile and Ryan Crosson, both of which I was pleasantly pleased to find out also released tracks on YOTM. Tractile in particular release some of the darkest, and creepy machine music that I've come arcoss in recent memory. A couple of my favorites are below. Check 'em out for yourself.
Tractile "Scarlet"

Ryan Crosson - "The Move"

Thursday, June 29, 2006

headache, headache, headache, headache!

Ok, so it's Thursday morning, my head hurts, I'm tired and I have to do it all over again tonight. Who would have thought a nice, lowkey night consisting of videogame table tennis and some grey goose & tonics could do so much damage? What makes things worse is that I now have to make it through the rest of my work day with a full fledge hangover before heading out to play some records tonight with James Figurine aka Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service fame (I'm actually really looking forward to this). Which leads me to my first nugget of audio enlightenment - James Figurine's "White Ducks", taken from his most recent full length Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake. This record is kind of a departure from his Postal Service guise as well as his Dntel work. All of which are excellent works in their own right. Check out "White Ducks" and if you're feeling it go buy his new won't be disappointed!

James Figurine "White Ducks"

Next up is a new track from Luke Le Mans. In all honesty, it was the track title that caught my attention. Well, that and that fact that it's on one of my favorite labels - Trapez. Trapez can really do no wrong in my book. They're consistently putting out deep, druggy techno that's equal parts mainroom dancefloor business and afterhours weirdness. Check it out for yourself.

Luke Le Mans "Jerry, Spring Her!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hot Sandwiches!!!

I'm so stoked to finally have gotten this going that I'm going to post a second time today. Whoa, I should probably be doing some real work but screw it, I'm feeling a bit spicey today. Anyway, I know Hot Chip is a bloggers band and they've been posted about to death (note: they DESERVE all the posts and praise) and there's probably a good chance that this remix has been posted but whatever, I haven't seen it on the interweb and I think it deserves several mentions anyway. It's a remix by Cosmic Sandwich of Hot Chip's "Boy From School". Cosmic Sandwich aka Steve Barnes aka Process has produced some real bombs for lables like Trapez (one of my favs) and My Best Friend. This track is no exception. His Cosmic Sandwich moniker focuses more on super deep, melodic techno and this is definitely in that vein. Just listen for yourself if you haven't heard it yet.

Hot Chip - "Boy From School" (Cosmic Sandwich remix)

Welcome to my world!

OK, this is my fist post so forgive me if it's a bit short, random and to the point. After all my feeling for this is that it's about the music and not really about what's going on in my dome. Well, maybe a little about myself but I'd rather let the music do the talking. I promise my posts will get better as I move forward. Anyway, this first track was taken from the forthcoming Maderfotor release titled Detonation on Germany's Ware, a label that consistentley drops some real gems. This is the a-side to that release - "Scissor" Both tracks are good, but I'm feeling this one a little more. Enjoy!

Maderfotor - "Scissor"

Next up is super cool track from Solenoid out of the Orac camp. This was taken from his forthcoming album entitled Supernature. This track in particular really stood out for me with it's dark, moody synths, squelchy bassline and wicked drum arrangments. Dark, acid electro-techno at its finest. The album as a whole is equally interesting and conceptual so be on the look out for it when it drops next month.

Solenoid - "ThighHigh"